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2017 Chrysler Pacifica | St. Albert Dodge

What’s up, Internet? Matthew Dufour here, but you can just call me Matt if you can’t pronounce that yet.

Here we have our beautiful 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. This thing, it’s pretty much a spaceship. Once you get inside of it, you start learning more about it. The gorgeous minivan hybrid. One of my favourite cars, I think, anyways. Gorgeous 20″ alloy wheels. You go around, you have your proximity entrance on all doors, even the back doors, but I’ll show you the inside afterwards.

We’ll keep walking around the outside now. Again, our back, this is a beautifully redesigned Pacifica right now. Again, you got your proximity entrance on the back door as well, but we’re not opening that as yet, not just yet. Keep going around on the side. Now we’ll take a look inside a little bit. Get inside the cockpit of this spaceship.

All right, welcome to the space shuttle, guys. Inside, you have the beautiful flat redesigned 8.4″ touchscreen, navigation, your heated and cooled seats. You have your beautiful luxury steering wheel, two-tone, I mean, who doesn’t want more colours? Heated as well.

You have all your push button options at the ready here. Your phone, Bluetooth, whatever it is, get talking to your wife, see what groceries you need to get on your way home. And then, we get into this beautiful feature here. There are sunroofs and then there are sunroofs. Everybody needs to be able to see outside. This thing goes all the way back. You have, technically three sunroofs but I guess they just call it two.

You have all your buttons here. If you want to open the back door from the front seat, you open the back door from the front seat. You want to close it, and you close it. Open the side doors. Everything you got right here, push of a button. You want to open the sunroof, that’s fine. You want to close the sunroof, push a little button. No more hand cranking everything like the old days, not in this thing.

In the back, you have this beautifully spacious back seats here. It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying your kid’s soccer team, or your husband’s hockey team, everybody’s going to fit back here comfortably.

Not only do you have the heated seats, and cooled seats. Oh, somebody spilled some popcorn guys, hold on here. That happens. Every vehicle has a vacuum cleaner, right? Pop the vacuum cleaner out. Let’s clean that up here quick. Sorry about that, guys. That’s my fault. Had a little snack before the video here. Got a little hungry. Tuck that in there, there she goes. I wish my mom had one of these when I was a kid. You might be surprised, but I was actually six foot at the age of six. So, this is great.

And we keep going here. Everything is push button in this thing. Do you want to adjust your seat? That’s fine, push a button. Want to put it down, that’s cool, push a button. Everything’s push button. If you look up here, you have your rear temperature controls right here. You don’t have to ask mom and dad to turn up the heat, or turn down the heat, do it yourself, leave them alone, let them drive, let them do their thing. Let them be, guys.

Let’s take a look at the back. Hey, you want to close the door, that’s fine, just hit the button. You want to open the back door, that’s cool, just hit the button. Now we get into the back of, once again, the spaceship, as I’m going to go ahead and call it.

You know, everybody wants to– if you’re going to put in some wood for that bathroom reno that you’re doing, or whatever it is that you’re doing, that’s cool. Once again you want to put the seats down, that’s cool, just hit a button.

It’s a spaceship, I told you. My name is Matt. For the French guy, it’s Matt Dufour, or whatever you want to call me. Come see me at St. Albert Dodge, very conveniently located on St. Albert Trail. Give me a call, 780-938-2377, or email me, mdufour@stdodge.ca

Have a wicked day, guys. Enjoy the Sun. Take care of you.

Sales Team
St. Albert Dodge