Benefits of the Electronic Rotary Shifter | St. Albert, AB

Hey, Shannon Stuht down here at St. Albert Dodge. Once again, so I pulled up a 2017 Ram 1500 Limited here for us, and I have one cool feature that I want to go over with you that not everybody is fully informed about. So, come on with me here. Hey, so welcome to the 2017 Ram 1500 Limited. This truck is remarkable along with the rest of our 1500s that our now equipped with an 8-speed transmission. That comes complimentary to a Rotary Shifter.

The thing about this Rotary Shifter is I’ll address it right away. You guys are used to the column shifter or the slap stick shifter as you will. Well, now with the Rotary Shifter, there’s some great benefits to moving to this. Not only does it give you the 8-speed transmission which I’m going to touch on in a bit but it opens up a lot of space not only for your phone which I’ll show you how that works. So, if I take out my phone here, I can just put it right into this nice to mount here. It has room for a full-sized tablet if you like to put one in there. Like I said, I touch on that set of transmissions. So, the thing about this set of transmission is it’s like I said, 8-speed and 9-speed, you’ll find it in actually the majority of our vehicles that we put out now and it’s manufactured by Mercedes. You can find it in a lot of the high-end BMWs like I said, Mercedes and even Rolls-Royce which is a cool thing.

As you know, those are nice cars, and they’ve gone ahead and put that transmission into here. But the thing I cannot drive home the most is you got to come and drive this truck with me. The shift points you can’t notice them. The fuel economy? Bar none better. Last but not the least, it makes for less moving parts. It’s an electronic shifter. Rather than your traditional moving parts with a center column shifter or a column shifter, it’s simply corrected by a computer system. As you know in this day and age, a lot of what we deal with is electronic technology and not being said it rightfully so that we put it into our trucks I just think that makes for a happier owner. So, really happy to be able to go over this stuff with you here in this beautiful Ram Limited and again, my name is Shannon Stuht down here at St. Albert Dodge. I would love to be able to meet you in person, and you can reach me at my cell, 780-266-1679. Come down to our store and say hi.

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