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Happy New Year From St. Albert Dodge

Hey guys, Daylan here with the team at St. Albert Dodge. I’m gonna introduce you to everybody. We all have some New Year’s resolutions. Come on inside and take a look.

So, my name is Jessica. I’m from St. Albert Dodge, in detailing. I’ve been here 6 months now. Hi, my name is Andrew Wang here, in the service department. Hi, my name is Perry McFarlane. I’m one of the business managers at St. Albert Dodge. Hi, my name is Annette Palin. I work for St. Albert Dodge. I have been for 5 years. Hi, my name is Rock. I’ve been with St. Albert Dodge since February 2015. My New Year’s resolution would be to lose a little bit of weight and eat a bit healthier. Happy New Year! My New Year’s resolution would be to, I guess, make people smile more. Happy New Years! My New Year’s resolution is to sell you great parts for awesome deals. Wish you a very Happy New Year. My New Year’s resolution is to go back to school. And my New Year’s resolution is health and happiness for everybody in 2017.

From us to you, Happy New Years! Have a Happy New Year, may all your resolutions come true.

Sales Team
St. Albert Dodge