Love Your Car Event | St. Albert Dodge

Hi there, Kaity Kennedy – Service Advisor here at St. Albert Dodge.

I’m here to mention all of our wonderful February promos. Valentines Day is right around the corner, and we figure your vehicle probably needs a little bit of love too. So, this month we have our mission service for 50% off includes fuel injector clean, intake clean, throttle body clean, should give you some better fuel economy.

On sale for $99.95!

We also have a couple of other awesome promos. Drive line service with $50 off. We brought our detail packages back starting at $25, and we also have our brake services for $99.95. Windshield and oil change, $249.95 of course, on certain makes and models.

So, if you would like to come on down visit us online or phone us at 780-458-8660 to book an appointment.

So with all of these amazing deals and benefits, your vehicle will love you, and your wallet will love you too. Come on down I’m Kaity Service Advisor at St. Albert Dodge.

Service Team
St. Albert Dodge