Origins of the Famous Jeep 7 Slat Grille

What’s up everybody? It’s the French guy Matt Dufour at St. Albert Dodge, coming at you today with some Jeep knowledge, a little fact of the day.

So, Jeeps were originally designed in the World War 2 era. Fun fact, it was designed, the first ever Jeep was actually designed in 2 days only and everybody wonders where that 7-slot grille came from, there, 7 slots, right there. So, the first Jeeps actually had a 7-slot grille made by Jeeps, by Willys Overland but they were tube slats and they were harder to make and longer to make; so Ford actually had a patent on the 9-slot grille which Jeep used for awhile as was easier mass produced for all the military vehicles that people wanted. So, once Ford did put a patent on that, Jeep went back to their 7-slot grille and that’s used now on the Wranglers, the Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, the Renegades, Compass. Everybody knows the Jeep 7-slot grille.

So, one widely, what people might think is that it is Chrysler’s 7 divisions which is Chrysler, Mopar, Dodge, Ram, SRT, Fiat and Jeep. But, the most commonly known one and my favourite and what I’ve had actual Jeep reps tell me is that it is actually because Jeep was the first automobile to serve on all 7 continents which is pretty impressive, pretty cool. I love it so that’s what I believe the 7-slot grille is from. So, guys enjoy the weekend, enjoy the sun.

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Sales Team
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