Showroom Walk-Around with Shannon | St Albert Dodge

Hey everybody, Shannon Stuht at St. Albert Dodge here again in my showroom.

Just wanted to update you on what we have going on here. First off, hyper green Jeep. You’ll love ’em. Great offer on vehicles. About this one, it’s used, somebody’s already paid all the mark up on the lift, the rims, the tires the running boards. Check this out, come on with me. I want to show you one little secret.

For all you Wrangler owners, we know that the wind shield is an absolute rock catcher. This is one of the best things you can do for your Jeep. Be it a bug deflector, or one of these nice rubber add-ons here. They actually help to keep the rocks from going right up on to your wind shield. Kind of deflects it up and over.

You have a nice 3M on this Jeep. It’s well protected. That being said, let’s go ahead and move over here. I’ve already shown you our Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. No reason not to have another Grander.

A few new trucks in our showroom now too. We have a 3.6L V6 Pentastar RAM 1500 with running boards. Silver in color. It’s a really nice used truck if you’re looking for one.

Right over here, we have a regular cab. Brilliant crystal black. RAM 1500 with the tonneau cover. Also, a great truck, low on kilometers.

And that being said, I’d love to have you down here at St. Albert Dodge because I’ve just said something, I’m pretty cool in my office. If you want to come with me. And mom, I clean my office. It looks pretty good.

Right down here, I have my digital photo frame. Pictures of all my customers. Just showing a little bit of gratitude. Nice to have you guys. I’d love to see you on my digital photo frame there.

Thanks for your time. Shannon Stuht at St. Albert Dodge. Give me a call, let’s book an appointment, 780-266-1679. Thanks again.

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St. Albert Dodge