St. Albert Dodge | Showroom Walk-Around | St. Albert, AB

Hi, guys, Daylan here with the team at St. Albert Dodge. I got Ravi, and I got Moe, and we’re going to show you some deals inside the showroom. Everybody come with me!

I’m Ravi Coomar aka Mr. Personality. St. Albert Dodge, the place where you want to buy your vehicles because we’ve got the best price and the nicest things.

Take a look at this place. For example, Dodge Durango. $65,065 MSRP down to $61,996. BOOM. Prices blown up.  Come on with me down this way I’ll show you a wicked vehicle!

This is one of the hottest vehicles on the market; everybody wants one. It’s a Hellcat Charger with 707 horsepower. Tell you later about the prices! Come on and see what Daylan has going on over here!


We had, and I say had. We had a 2016 Hellcat, one of the least expensive you could get! It is now sold! We also have a Chrysler Pacifica in the showroom. This just won Detroit Autoshow Utility Vehicle of the Year! They are the least expensive ones on the market, $49,995.

Right here we got 2015 Chrysler 300S all-wheel-drive! This baby got heated seats, heated steering wheel. It was on for $38,995 but why pay that when you can only pay $27,860.

Come on down and see us here at St. Albert Dodge on St. Albert Trail.

Sales Team
St. Albert Dodge