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2017 Ram 1500 Sport Ignition Orange

Hi, guys, Daylan and Moe in here at St Albert Dodge. We are going to do a quick walk around, what’s in the showroom, what’s new, what’s changing. Take it away Moe.

2017 RAM 1500 Sport Ignition Orange. What have we got there Daylan? We have the brand new, redesigned Grand Cherokee SRT model. Only handful of them here in stock. We also have, this still here, I can’t believe it, Moe, it’s on sale. It’s a Durango; it’s an RT, we have it reduced. Leather interior. [continue reading…]


Hey guys Moe Nazeel here with St. Albert Dodge. Just wanted to quickly go over the 2017 RAM 1500 Sport Ignition Orange colour.

Guys this is a limited colour. This guy right now got 0% for 84 months has all the toys that you can get into it, spray-in bedliner, 20-inch rims, navigation, backup camera, HID lights. Here it is. It doesn’t break. [continue reading…]