2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk | St. Albert Dodge

What’s up Internet? Nice to see you guys here again.

Today we have the beautiful 2017 Jeep Compass Trailhawk. I’m sure you can tell by the red hooks, it is the Trailhawk. This is the one, and it’s going to tear up the trails. It will leave everybody else behind them. It has the beautiful Trailhawk signature black decal on the hood. You need that. As you saw, the red hooks, it’s streamed for a Hawk, let everybody know you’re driving.

Top-of-the-line. This thing is beautiful, top to bottom, and I’m super excited to show you guys this. So let’s do a little walk around here. We have our 17″ rims. They’re just two toned black, silver looks gorgeous. We keep going around here, once again, Trailhawk emblem. You got to have it. Red tow hook, you got to have it.

Guys, let’s get in here, let’s get inside, let’s look at this thing from the inside. Proximity entry, you’ve got to have it.

Guys, where do I start? The leather seats, heated leather seats, heated leather steering wheel. 8.4″ Nav. Beautiful red trim around your shifter knob. How about your drive train? You want to go on auto, get all the slippage. It takes in automatically, that’s always nice. You know what? It’s snowing, let’s move into the snow. We’re in Alberta, right? Oh, you know what, you’re going to go, hit the trails, pick some sand, hit some mud, hit some rocks, there’s an option for all those, so don’t worry, you’re covered, we got you.

Let’s take a look the back of this thing. Well yeah, obviously we’re going to have leather in the back too, clearly. Back here you got your 2015 full AC, 150-watt plug-in. I’m no electrician, but, I mean, hey, it’s pretty convenient to have that back there, whoever thought of that. What’s that? Yeah, a USB port as well. You want to plug your phone, plug your iPhone, plug your iPad, whatever it is that keeps the kids quiet, we can charge it up. And then, of course, everybody needs trunk space, clearly, we ought to have it. The nice thing about this thing is that it comes with so much trunk space. A lot of room for whatever, you decide where you want to put it, there’s a lot of room for whatever it is.

One of the coolest features about this Jeep, is when you are tearing up the trails when you want everybody to hear what you’re listening to, let’s face it, everybody loves blaring their music. What is that? Yeah, those are Beats speakers. Dr Dre Beats speakers. Blowing this thing up, making it sound like an absolute rock show, or rap show, or country show, whatever you’re into.

You’re never going to get stuck in this thing, and if you do then you’re having a lot of fun, but then you’ll get out, right away. This is a Jeep, so big deal. Guys it’s going to blast.

My name is Matthew Dufour or Matt, whatever you want to go with. Come here, at St. Albert Dodge. Perfectly located on St. Albert Trail. Give me a call, as you see at the bottom, 780-938-2377, or shoot me an email, mdufour@stdodge.ca

Guys have a wicked time. We’ll show you this when you guys come down. I can’t wait to hear the stories, guys, taking this off-roading, but for now, I’m out of here. Take care, guys.

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