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Come on in, St. Albert Dodge, let’s go check out some cars right now. What’s up Ravi? Hey, what’s up my brother. I am good man, how are you doing? Not much? What are you doing? I need an oil change. Of course man, we will take care of your Durango. Come on let’s go see Katie down here.

Oh check out the new Grand Cherokee man, I don’t know if I can get you to trade out your Durango, but if you did. I can’t do that, but I like the tires on that one. We got some other players coming down to see me maybe we can get them a sale. You know whenever they see me with my car, that you hooked me up with, I’m going to bring them back to you. I appreciate it, my brother.

Of course, we’re going to see Katie right now to get that car linked up come on my man after you. There is Katie right there. Look, another satisfied customer Katie will take great care of you, and we will go from there. All right.

Hey guys, it’s Ravi AKA Mr Personality from St. Albert Dodge, got another satisfied customer here, Brian how are you doing buddy? 100% satisfied, just bought it. Brand new truck, going to love it, thanks. Thank you once again for stopping in, call me Ravi at St. Albert Dodge (780)340-7284. Remember Mr.Personality, Ciao

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