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Ever wondered what would happen if you were over your towing payload with your 5th wheel and your insurance? Ravi Coomar joins John Smith to get the answers you need on towing payload and what could happen if you are over with your insurance.

Did you know payload includes a lot more than just what you’re towing? John shares several examples of things calculated into your payload including passengers, your fuel tank and more.

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Come on in, St. Albert Dodge, let’s go check out some cars right now. What’s up Ravi? Hey, what’s up my brother. I am good man, how are you doing? Not much? What are you doing? I need an oil change. Of course man, we will take care of your Durango. Come on let’s go see Katie down here.

Oh check out the new Grand Cherokee man, I don’t know if I can get you to trade out your Durango, but if you did. I can’t do that, but I like the tires on that one. We got some other players coming down to see me maybe we can get them a sale. You know whenever they see me with my car, that you hooked me up with, I’m going to bring them back to you. I appreciate it, my brother. [continue reading…]


What’s up everybody my name is Mat. I’m here at St. Albert Dodge on the St. Albert Trail. I’m new here so how about you come inside, and I’ll show you around a little bit, go from there. This is our beautiful showroom. In here we have something like our Hellcat if you want to tear up the roads it’s always ready here for you.

If you want to tear up the trails we have something like our Jeep Grand Cherokee here that’s done up to the nines ready for you, ready to go, tear up the trails, not a problem. You get stuck not going to happen in that thing. [continue reading…]



Congratulations to Tristan, the winner of this year’s Canada Day Colouring Contest! He won a Xbox One gaming console. For the past 5 years Tristan and family have been attending the St. Albert Canada Day Celebrations and this year the celebration continues! Congratulations Tristan on your new Xbox One, we know you are excited to get playing Gears of War and Tomb Raider on your new console! Thank you for entering and joining in on all the fun.


Introduction to the New St. Albert Dodge

Brandan Hebert – General Sales Manager is part of the new ownership and management at St. Albert Dodge. As the General Sales Manager, he is working to ensure superior customer satisfaction for everyone who comes to the St. Albert Dodge to buy a new vehicle. [continue reading…]


Customer Relations

The Financing Team at St. Albert Dodge works with the customer to help them get Specialty financing and start them on the right track for their future. The goal is to help them qualify for prime financing with lower interest rates and lower payments. [continue reading…]


The New St. Albert Dodge

The New St. Albert Dodge | Edmonton, AB

St. Albert Dodge is under new ownership and new management who have brought the Priced Right, Right Up Front experience from Sherwood Dodge. Now with a larger selection of new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram models as well as pre-owned inventory, St. Albert Dodge is ready for business in a big way. [continue reading…]