Towing & Payload Information with John Smith

Ever wondered what would happen if you were over your towing payload with your 5th wheel and your insurance? Ravi Coomar joins John Smith to get the answers you need on towing payload and what could happen if you are over with your insurance.

Did you know payload includes a lot more than just what you’re towing? John shares several examples of things calculated into your payload including passengers, your fuel tank and more.

Towing, people are always asking, “What will my vehicle tow?” Guess what, it depends on the gear ratio without looking it up, I can’t tell you.

This one here looks like depending on the gear ratio that I got on. It could be as low as 4600lbs. This one here could be as high as 10,100lbs. I don’t know 100% until I look it up and find out what the gear ratio is in that vehicle.

Payload, payload is dependent on passengers. You’ve got 16 – 1700 lbs to work with. How many people can you carry in the vehicle? A pickup and tow? Luggage, it all weighs, that’s part of your payload.

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